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Sun Series

Space, Passion, and the Ultimate Adventure

I have always been fascinated with futuristic concepts, and that's why I poured my heart and soul into writing my Sun Series. My novels feature intricate plotlines, well-developed characters, and fast-paced storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Whether you're an avid reader of romance or a fan of science fiction, you'll love my books.    ~ Robin T. Popp

Too Close to the Sun

Hunted and on the run, galactic smuggler Angel Torrence stole a ship to escape capture, not realizing until too late that the ship's computer, not she, was in control. With its disembodied voice, arrogant, bossy and sounding very male, it blared out of the Icarus's control panel, not to thank her for rescuing him and his ship from the terrorist attack, but to instruct her to set a course for the most perilous planet in the known universe.


On the riskiest mission of his career, Colonel Nicoli Romanof had allowed his life essence and his physical form to be separated. And the Harvesters had taken the bait: his body.


Now he needed the cocky pilot who'd stolen his vessel to help him retrieve his person and destroy the deadly race of aliens. Then he discovered the young pilot was a woman and he kissed his chances of success goodbye.


When Nicoli refused her assistance because of her gender, Angel would have moved heaven and earth to prove she was up to the task. But she never expected the colonel's physique to be so magnificent or his heart to be so courageous. When a passion she couldn't deny flared between them, she wondered if they'd found love or flown "Too Close to the Sun."

Dark Side of the Sun

Phoenix Eemin isn't a galactic traveler. In fact, as a confirmed "null," she's never been off planet. When her father goes missing, though, she'll stop at nothing to find him; even if it means traveling to the outer reaches of the universe disguised as an empathic High Priestess to solicit the help of a bounty hunter.


Adrian Sun will do anything to save the man who's like a father to him but time is of the essence and he can't keep stopping to rescue his friend's head-strong daughter who seems to have a penchant for finding trouble. He could take her with him, but is it wise to take her on such a dangerous mission? And can he afford to be distracted by a woman he finds so irresistible?


Combining forces may be their only hope when they learn Phoenix's father has been kidnapped and the trail leads to Adrian's home planet. Once there, he must strive to keep his past buried along with the secrets that, if revealed, will make Phoenix hate him forever.


Adrian may seem hard and cold to some but Phoenix is seeing another side of him; one that makes her pulse race and her body yearn for his touch. Saving her father may not be the only challenge she faces because Adrian's made it clear his heart is off-limits. Fortunately, Phoenix is discovering that she has more capacity for feeling than she ever thought possible and Adrian needs her more than he knows.

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