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where mystery and romance intertwine under the haunted Lone Star-lit sky

Death at the Double R

Texas After Dark - Book 1

In 'Death at the Double R,' Elise Richardson's dream job takes an unexpected detour when her father's tragic accident forces her back to the dusty landscapes of Las Palomas, Texas. What begins as a bittersweet return home transforms into a chilling investigation when suspicions arise surrounding her father's untimely demise. Teaming up with Diego Juarez, her childhood confidant and now the ranch foreman, Elise sets out to solve the murder. Through moonlit nights and ghostly encounters, their shared history blossoms into a delicate dance of emotions, complicating the pursuit of justice. As they unearth long-buried secrets, the investigation takes an eerie turn when the prime suspect emerges as none other than El Muerto, the legendary headless horseman. In a town haunted by its own legends, Elise and Diego must navigate the thin line between the living and the spectral to unveil the truth, untangle the paranormal threads, and confront a malevolent force that may be closer than they ever imagined.

Note: There are currently four books planned for the Texas After Dark series. Each book is a complete story - no cliff hangers. Book 2 will be released later in 2024 . Books 3 and 4 will be released in 2025.
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